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Real Review 7

Issue for Summer 2018

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Buckminster Fuller
Jack Self
Anna Puigjaner
Mario Carpo
Vivian Amos
Francesca Sobande
Alice Barker
Luis Ortega Govela
Emma Capps
Jack Self
Paola Antonelli
Patrick McGraw
Nicholas Korody
James Taylor-Foster
Mark Cousins

You've been privatised, pathologised, indebted and exploited. Civil society is disintegrating, and hard-won freedoms are being undone. Yet from this maelstrom has emerged an intense clarity: a desire for sobriety, self-control, altruism, generosity, and the pursuit of mental and physical wellbeing. We are more aware, informed, engaged, and alert to social injustices – particularly of race, gender and geography. We are woke.

But is this miraculous awakening to structural inequalities true or merely tokenistic?
Is wokeness a fad, or a systemic, generational shift in social ethos?

Inside Real Review 7

Why are some white people scared of a Black Planet? We interview RENI EDDO-LODGE to find out. Meanwhile, BUCKMINSTER FULLER reviews God, and ALICE BARKER (aka @PUPPYCODES) reviews algorithmic profiling. Should some artworks be forbidden? JACK SELF reviews the degenerate art of EMILE NOLDE. Spanish architect ANNA PUIGJANER reviews the kitchenless apartment, and PAOLA ANTONELLI reviews tamagotchis and modernity.

Also in the issue: NICHOLAS KORODY reviews property-themed porn (with artwork by GIULIA MARSICO). JACK SELF critiques everyday life, and MARIO CARPO reviews the invention of design. LUIS GOVELA reviews CBD oil (and what remains of stoner subculture), while FRANCESCA SOBANDE reviews the act of cultural appropriation. EMMA CAPPS reviews finding a new home (photography by MAX CREASY) and PATRICK MCGRAW reviews what it means to be hardcore. JAMES TAYLOR-FOSTER looks backwards at work by THOMAS DEMAND, while MARK COUSINS reviews the poetry of the poor.