Real Review 1



Mies van der Rohe

Lord Palumbo

Matteo Pasquinelli

Paul Masons

Jean Baudrillard

Bifo Berardi

Leo Hollis

Peggy Deamer

Pier Vittorio Aureli

Ana Naomi de Sousa

Jack Self

Edwin Heathcote

Sam Jacob

Jesse Seegers


Alfredo Thiermann

The idea of launching a printed reviews magazine in the digital era might seem anachronistic. On the contrary, the review is a profoundly optimistic genre that possesses an incredible versatility. It looks back in order to look forward; it surveys the past to understand its relevance for the future. A review is not groundless (like an opinion). Rather, it has to argue its case through the evidence available. The review is perhaps the most undeservedly under-appreciated form of writing today.

Inside Real Review 1

Never before seen photos of Mies van der Rohe’s only project for London, and an exclusive interview with its developer Lord Palumbo. Matteo Pasquinelli reviews Paul Masons’ Postcapitalism, and argues that the generation of digital austerity is rising. Previously unpublished photography from French philosopher Jean Baudrillard is reviewed by Bifo Berardi
Leo Hollis reviews London after the Great Fire, and tracks the rise of the first capitalist city. Neoliberalism was always about debt, says Peggy Deamer. What did it mean to be an architect in the Renaissance? Pier Vittorio Aureli reviews the noble profession. Meanwhile, Ana Naomi de Sousa reviews Gaza’s only university.

Also in the issue: Jack Self tells us what we should think about architecture; Edwin Heathcote reviews one corner in a room; Sam Jacob reviews how Britain commercialised its history; Jesse Seegers reviews a Chilean super-computer from the 1970s; Supervoid review the Faraday Cage; Alfredo Thiermann reviews Buckminster Fuller; Cassim Shepard; Jack Self; Manuel Shvartzberg; Nicholas de Klerk.

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Issue for Summer 2016

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